Drop-spindle drop-in

It was a really nice weekend, catching up with friends and family, making new friends and meeting some Alby Crafts folk that I haven't seen for a very long time (Yes, it is nearly ten years since I closed my shop there).

The craft centre had a special craft weekend complete with other activities such as face-painting, bee talk and falconry demonstration. I had no hesitation in agreeing to go along and spend the afternoon spinning. Rather than take a wheel I decided to hold a 'drop-spindle drop-in' and allow people to have a go. It was a first for me and I enjoyed it; particularly the enthusiasm of some young people. Two young girls showed me what determination and perseverance really look like!

While I was in Norfolk, I got on with some knitting too - the second sunset sock has nearly grown as far as the heel, and I'm very comfortable with this pattern now.


whippetsgalore said...

what a great weekend it was, and lovely to see you doing well with your spinning at Alby crafts, as you said good to see some young people taking an enthusiastic interest in the craft of spinning. Those sunset socks of yours look great and feel so soft.

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of a drop-spindle drop-in! Great that you were able to demonstrate and stir up enthusiam!