purls on her toes

In order to keep this pair a little more symmetrical than the last pair, I'm knitting the toes and heels in plain black. The first toe is cast onto my first set of KnitPro Nova needles.

First impressions are that they look stunning - my photography doesn't do them justice. They are heavier than I expected, which gives them a nice positive feel. The Symfonie wooden needles are said to feel comfortable and warm, and I so did wonder whether the metal needles would feel cold. Yes, they are when you first pick them up, but they soon warm to hand temperature and stay warm as you're working. The polished finish really does allow the stitches to slip nicely. I love them.

I also love the beautiful yarn bowls Sculptrix has sent me (one is pictured in an earlier post). She has also turned some wooden nostepinnes, and has tried some ceramic ones; most are partially-glazed terracotta. One, however, features a nude figure. it's vaguely remeniscent of some of her recent work, but the hair and big nose does make me suspicious that it's modelled on me! I'm not sure how serious she is with this one, but what do you think of it? Let me know.

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