Something's afoot

Not being the fastest knitter in the world, I was apprehensive about the small needles and fine yarn, but progress so far has been remarkably quick.

I'm really enjoying knitting the pattern but I'm learning to concentrate harder; a couple of lapses meant suddenly finding too many stitches on a needle and some choice language. I think my eye has a habit of skipping to the wrong row on the pattern, so I'm developing my own system of pencil marks to help me keep on track. This pattern / colours seems to be very forgiving of the odd wrong stitch or two. It's all very useful experience for swallowtail shawl, which I will pull right out and start again.

I was bothered by the concentration of blue just after the start, but when you leave something to random chance, I guess you have to accept some pooling of colour.

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Anonymous said...

looking lovely already! I'm attempting to crochet some socks at the moment and they're taking forever.... I really should learn to knit someday soon!