finished woven project

I think this morning's lesson is that a project doesn't have to be big to be satisfying (!)

I'm so pleased with this, I'm already using it, and I will do until it dies, and then I have plenty of the woven material left and will sew up another one.

Yes, my black/white weaving in the last post was for this zip-up purse. It was incredibly easy and quick to make. The secret I've discovered is not to be over-ambitious, not to rush or cut corners.

While making this, a secondhand swift passed through my hands. By the time I'd sold it, I had discovered what a fantastically useful tool it is. I've always used the back of a chair or the floor, which means I spend more time untangling than winding. I really wish I'd kept it, but will be on the lookout now for another cheap one...
(I ran out of black half way through weaving and had to spin a bit more, hence the small skein.)


Dorothy said...

My swift is used so often it never gets put in it's box! I have the plastic type available through Ashford, although it's ugly compared to the wooden ones I think it is superior for being soft and flexible, maybe you should give one a try?

I do like your new purse, it's very satisfying to make things you can use everyday. I have my keys in a little hand woven bag and feel a little rush of pride and satisfaction whenever I pick it up.

peahen said...

Thank you for the compliment Dorothy. I know what you mean, I get fed up with getting my ball-winder out of its box and putting it away - it doesn't look attractive enough for me to want to leave it out, but the wooden swift is a different matter! It looked lovely clamped to my desk here, and I would certainly leave it sitting here, folded up like a bird with its head tucked under its wing, but ready to fly when needed! Next time I have a used one, I'll be keeping it!