Not very public knitting

Working from home hasn't been such a problem; I really enjoy the lack of separation between work and life.

But when I do feel the need to get away from it, the only way is to leave the house. So I took my knitting - yes, still finishing the Ravelympics main project - to one of my favourite spots.

I don't expect that this counts as public knitting because there wasn't much public around, and I stayed in the car on account of it getting a bit chilly outside.

It's the round car-park at the bottom of Staunton Harold Reservoir (close to Calke Abbey). It's a free car park, not far from home and has a beautiful view.

I love knitting and spinning in public - I'm planning to do more. If you do too, why not add your photos to this Flickr group?

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Guzzisue said...

sorry, no photos around but the drop spindle was in action at the Thundersprint this weekend, as usual I try to prove the bikes and spinning do mix!!