Haldane double to single drive

The bobbins that I already had for my Haldane wheel have a small whorl suitable for double-drive operation. I've acquired four more (front), which fit and have a larger whorl, suggesting that they're made for single-drive operation.

I'd love to be able to switch this wheel from one mode to the other, so these bobbins could be the first step on that path.

The wheel is made to be switchable; it's drilled with the right holes but unfortunately I'm missing the necessary parts. And Haldanes aren't made any more.

How's this for luck? An Ashford tension knob fits! A wipe of wood dye brings it closer to the colour of the rest of the wheel and some standard bits and pieces (tension band, springs, hooks) and we're in business, single- or double-drive!


Guzzisue said...

and another wheel breathes easy again :-)

peahen said...

Thanks Sue. Having used it a bit, I think it breathes more easily in dd mode. It seems more comfortable in bobbin-led arrangement (because of the alignment of the wheel and whorls) and I like the extra 'pull' that you get in single-drive mode, but predictably it runs much more freely in dd mode (less friction) which is probably why I fell in love with this wheel in the first place. Nice to be able to switch now.