Jo's Socks. Step 1 - Sheep Soup

My friend Jo met these girls recently while on holiday, and spent a happy half an hour picking up.... yes, sir, yes, sir, two bags full.

It amounts to about 300g which is plenty to make Jo a pair of socks, even after selecting out the coarser, hairier, shorter or really dirty stuff (the latter I think I saw somewhere euphamistically called the 'skirt').
Some of it (in my now lanolin-soft hand) really is absolutely beautiful. I don't know the breed, one of the usual crosses, I guess, but the best stuff has a nice long staple, good crimp and is quite fine.

With the dirtiest stuff picked out, the Power Scour doesn't have too much work to do, but I like spinning it nice and clean and grease-free, so it'll be a thorough wash and then a day or two to dry. I'm going to dye it after carding it, but before spinning it.

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