Jo's Socks. Step 2 - Carding

After sitting outside for a day in perfect drying weather, the fibre is dry, clean and sweet-smelling.

But first another pic from yesterday. Because I'd taken out the dirtiest stuff, and the best locks looked very clean, I didn't expect to have such thick brown water, but here it is:

Carding is quick, easy and fun with one of these:

We now have about 150g of extremely bouncy and soft fibre. Less than I'd expected at this stage...

The pattern is to be Stashbusting Lace Socks from June's Yarn Forward, and if the claims made for yardage is correct, and if I spin to the right WPI, then there won't be any need to dive into the bag of 'seconds'. I'll certainly take the suggested precaution of dividing the yarn exactly in two before starting the first sock.

Dying to get dyeing now! But that'll have to wait until Saturday.

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