Jo's Socks, Step 3 - Hubble bubble, toil but no trouble

I have to give full credit to Spinstar who worked some very similar alchemy a couple of weeks ago. Before today, my dyeing has been limited to some experiments with natural ingredients.

I can't top this blog post as a tutorial so I'll just add that I used blue with a sprinkle of purple to make my first colour, dipped half of each nest, and then mixed a little more purple into the same dyepot and dipped the rest of each nest, making sure there was plenty of overlap.

It was very easy, and after cooking in the oven at 100C for half an hour and a quick rinse, this is the result. Very, very happy with it. I didn't expect that the colour would be more concentrated at the bottom of each cling-film parcel where the colour accumulated a bit during the cooking. That means that there'll be more contrast in the finished yarn than I'd envisaged, but that's not a bad thing at all.

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